Roof Monkeys

Professional Installation, Repair, & Survey of All Roofs.

Our Story

An Idea Was Born

We felt that the roofing industry was missing an important part of any business, and that was customer service.  I have been in the industry for twenty plus years and have seen customer service completely left out of the picture. At Roof Monkeys, LLC, that is absolutely unacceptable, so we have integrated and continue to make customer service a benchmark of our core values.  

 Happy Employees Make Productive and Safe Employees

At Roof Monkeys, LLC we train all employees on the most up to date industry safety, roofing materials, and installation standards.

Hundreds of Happy Customers

We treat every building and home as if it were our own property.  If we would not be happy with our job on our own homes or buildings, then we will not rest until it is up to our standards, no matter the cost.